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Explore Sarati International’s expansive range of skincare and beauty solutions designed to meet your custom formulation and private-label cosmetic needs. As a leader in liposome encapsulation technology, we combine innovation and reliability to deliver high-quality, effective products. Whether you are a healthcare professional, retailer, or entrepreneur aiming to create your own brand, our commitment to fast service and natural ingredient-based formulations ensures products that truly work, including OTC products like sunscreen and pain relief cream.

Skincare Lotion

Private Product Labeling

Your Own Branded Skin Care Line
Zero Complexities Or Minimums

Custom Formulation In A Dropper

Custom Formulations

Bespoke Product Development
FDA-Registered Lab & Facilities

Lotion Applied To Hand

Bulk Products

Body, Face, Eye And Oral Care
75+ Health And Beauty Solutions

Otc Product Formulations

OTC Product Formulations

Your Own Branded OTC Products
FDA Compliant Research & Development

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