Sarati Label Specs

Please download one of the following templates to design your artwork to:

Packaging templates:


Half-Ounce Tube Template

Two-Ounce Tube


Standard Packaging ( Airless, jars, toddles)

Stock Packaging

Acrylic Jar Templates

Frosted and White Bottle Templates

Spray Bottle Template

Tottle Templates

White Jar Template

White Mezzo Pump Templates


Labeling guidance:

FDA regional offices can be
contacted by anyone to help assist with specific questions in regards to labels
and claims we highly recommend utilizing this resource.


We understand that the FDA website
can be cumbersome to navigate and have provided specific links that help with


Cosmetics declaring
ingredients as vitamins, as for example, tocopherol, as vitamin E, convey the
misleading impression that these ingredients and products offer a nutrient or
health benefit and may therefore be deemed misbranded. The second edition of
the CTFA Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, the recognized source of cosmetic
ingredient names, lists vitamin ingredients by their respective chemical


“A product intended to be
applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness,
or altering the appearance is a cosmetic. If this product claims to accomplish
these deeds through physiological activity or by changing the structure of the
skin, it is also a drug. The product categories “drug” and
“cosmetic” are not mutually exclusive. This is recognized in sec. 509
of the FD&C Act.


If a cosmetic is also a drug,
the label must list first the established name of the drug ingredient(s) and
the quantity, kind and proportion of any alcohol, in compliance with sec.
502(e) of the FD&C Act, as “Active Ingredients” and then the
remaining ingredients, in compliance with § 701.3(a) or (f), as
“Cosmetic Ingredients.”