Steps for Custom Formulating

Steps for Custom Formulating | Custom Formulations | Research & product development | Common definitions for use in cosmetics

Sarati has many formulations that you can private label – CLICK HERE for the Product List or we can assist you in custom formulating. 

If you are interested in tweaking one of our Sarati product formulas or you have a formula you would like to manufacture or assistance in duplicating a product, below are the steps to follow.

Steps for Custom Formulating

  1. Sign and return the NDA and R&D agreements. You will need to complete a separate R&D for each product you would like to custom formulate, as some of the information needed will be different.
  2. Along with #1 you will send us the formula or ingredient deck and our chemist will let you know if we are a good fit.
  3. If we are a good fit and you are ready for a quote, you will pay a non-refundable lab consultation fee of $150.00 for each product.  At that time our chemist will source the raw materials for a quote.  We will need to know if you are supplying packaging and fill size, or if you will be using our stock packaging and fill size.
  4. Once you approve the quote the next step is for our lab to order the raw materials needed for the formula to create samples for your approval. 
  5. Once all the raw materials are in house and the lab begins to make samples for your approval that is when the $150 per hour lab time begins, as explained in the R&D agreement. 
  6. There is a 1,000 oz. minimum each time we make the product for you.   If we have to bring in raw materials we do not stock just for your product, the minimum could be higher, the minimums are also higher on certified organic products – we will let you know the minimum when we give you the quote.
  7. Once we have an approved formula and you place your order, the turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks, providing none of the raw materials we need to order have a longer lead time, and we have all components to start and complete your order.

To view images of our stock packaging, please CLICK HERE.  We will also work with you on your own packaging and decorative boxes.  Sarati does not manufacture display boxes, but if you send them to us we will assemble them and insert the product for $.10 each.  For display boxes we suggest you contact Eric at Your Box Solution. Eric has all of our bottles and jars for box templates, and YBS has a minimum of only 250 boxes. Once you have a box proof, send it to your Sarati representative and they will have it approved by our quality control department to make sure it meets FDA guidelines – same if you are creating your own labels.

Sarati outsources label creation to a graphic artist.  We can help you work with the graphic artist we use, or you can use your own graphic artist.  Once you have a label, please send it to your Sarati representative and they will have it approved by our quality control department to make sure it meets FDA guidelines.

To print the labels in-house there is a charge of $.10 for black and white labels, and $.15 for color.   Please note our printer does not print white.  Anything white on your logo will be clear on a clear label; it will also not print metallic or foil. 

If you have further questions or are ready to start, please contact


  • Acne- gels, creams, acne skin otc products, skin care otc acne products
  • Dermal Nutrition- Topical B complex
  • Eye care- serums, green apple serums, puffy eye serums
  • Face Cleansers- Acne, Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Glycolic,
  • Face moisturizers-For dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin
  • Lips-Vitamin lip therapy
  • Masks- Green tea, warming,
  • Scrubs-exfoliating
  • Mircrodermabrasion gel, lotion, cream

Rebalancing Products

  • Body moisture creams for men and women

Personal Care

Bath products

  • Bubble Bath, Milk baths,
  • Body Wash/Shower gel

Body Care

  • Cellulite Cream
  • Breast Enhancement Cream
  • Stretch Mark cream
  • Anagen inhibitor

Foot care

  • Foot dry skin formula
  • Foot Cleanser

Hand sanitizers

  • Alcohol free
  • Alcohol formula
  • OTC formula


  • Head to toe
  • Dry skin ResQ
  • Basic lotion with natural and synthetic fragrance.

Oral care

  • natural fluoride free toothpaste

    • oral rinses


    • skin care otc acne product with otc salicylate drugs

Sexual Products

For Men

    • Stimulants
    • Replenishing creams
    • Desensitizers

For Women’s

  • Stimulants- create a warm and tingling sensation
  • Replenishing creams – EMP formula