Custom Formulations

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Custom Formulations and product development policies:

Sarati International, Inc. offers you the opportunity to develop your own custom formulations through the use of our knowledgeable staff and our FDA registered laboratory and production facilities.


We will develop lotions, creams, sunscreens, and custom liposomal formulations through cosmetic product development featuring delivery of preferred actives as well as natural and/or synthetic formulations to your desired specifications.

Examples of the types of products we can develop for you are:

v Acne skin otc care products, otc salicylate

v Natural skin care products

v Facial Cleansers, exfoliators, masks

v Foot care products

v Lotion formulating, cellulite creams, stretch marks cream

v OTC pain products

v Skinceutical beauty products, anti-aging, eye creams, matrixyls, pentapeptide creams

v Spa products- toners, masks, serums

v Toothpaste – natural fluoride free toothpaste

We formulate cosmetic products for personal care, transdermal amino acids, anti-oxidant care products, USDA organic essential oils, and new formulas.

If you have a formula with mixing instructions, percentages and ingredient list, we will sign a Non-Compete Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, make up samples and give you a price per unit. Upon sample approval with no further changes we will complete your purchase order.

Price List For Custom Formulations

Option 1: Client Formulations -$150.00 per hour w/1 hour min

Percentages and mixing procedures provided by Client. Shipping cost for samples to be paid by Client.

Option 2: Sarati Formulation

We will ship 5 samples. Client pays UPS Ground shipping charge. Alternative shipping to be paid by client, International clients may incur some shipping costs (to be determined by country)

Option 3: New Formulations- Sarati Owns – $150.00 per hour w/1 hour min

Formula is available for $3,500.00. Samples shipped UPS 3rd Day, Alternative shipping to be paid by client, International clients may incur some shipping costs (to be determined by country).

The order Must meet Company minimums

Option 4: New Formulations-Client Owns

$2,500.00  to $5,500.00 Up Front to own the formulation

The order Must meet Company minimums

Shipping: UPS 3rd Day, International clients may incur shipping costs (to be determined by country).


Defined Ownership for Formulas

  • Formulations provided by a client, including the delivery system, percentages and mixing procedures; formulations are owned by the client, where Sarati will manufacture and package product.
  • Formulations with no percentages and only an ingredient list, using our delivery system, will be considered  a Sarati Formulation and Sarati will manufacture and package the product with an order of 1000 ounces.

Process to create the Custom formulations

Step 1: Both parties sign a non-disclosure agreement before any work is conducted on formulations.


Step 2: Sarati creates up to three samples for clients approval.


Step 3: Upon approval, the client will submit a Purchase Order for all orders stating quantity, pricing, shipping, & special instructions (shrink wrap, spoons, inserts, etc)


Step 4: Sarati will provide an Updated Acknowledge Purchase Order and the client  will sign off and make payment arrangements.

All Clients are required to pay 50% down before shipping. 

Please allow for 6-11 weeks for creating a custom formulation. It takes time to create a masterpiece!