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In House Formulations:

We have over 400 in house stock formulas available for private label. Including skin care, personal care and intimate products.

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Custom Formulations:

Sarati International offers you the opportunity to develop your own custom formulations through the use of our knowledgeable staff and our GMP laboratory and production facilities.

Patented formulations

Sarati has purchased the rights to exclusive, Doctor formulated, patents in
order to enhance our own quality products.

DR. Ronald J. Thompson
Dr. Thompson’s Topical Stimulants are a patented product designed to safely
increase sexual arousal for men or women in a topical cream or gel using a patented
system developed by Ronald J Thompson. Dr. Thompson, MD is a board certified
Obstetrician/Gynecologist who has cared for women and their health care concerns
for over twenty years. What this system does is vasodilate the clitoral blood
vessels. Menthol facilitates and promotes the absorption of L-Arginine
when topically applied to the mucous membrane of the clitoris, which causes a tingle
effect. For more information on patent # 6,322,493 follow the link below:

– Patent # 6,322,493


Thione International Inc.
The Thione ComplexTM technology was developed by Dr. Theodore Hersh, Professor
of Medicine, Emeritus, Emory University, based upon Dr. Hersh’s thirty years
of clinical and research experience with the body’s antioxidant defense system.
Thione ComplexTM is a proprietary molecular configuration that replicates and
enhances the body’s cellular antioxidant defense system. Thione ComplexTM enhances
the power of L-Glutathione with Selenium and creates a synergistic effect by
combining with other antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. Thione ComplexTM has
many commercial applications including but not limited to oral care, dermatologics,
aesthetic formulations, pain management and nutriceuticals. For more information
regarding Dr. Hersh’s research or the Thione ComplexTM go to
or follow the links for the patents:

– Patent # 5,667,791
– Patent # 5,840,681

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