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Custom Product Formulation & Development

Custom Developed Personal Care & Skincare Products

Sarati International, Inc. offers you the opportunity to develop your own custom product and skincare formulations through the use of our knowledgeable staff and our FDA registered laboratory and production facilities.

We will develop lotions, creams, and custom liposomal formulations through cosmetic product development featuring delivery of preferred actives as well as natural and/or synthetic formulations to your desired specifications.

Expert Skincare Product Development

Our custom skincare product development process is thorough and customer-centric.

Why Choose Custom Skincare Solutions From Sarati International, Inc.?

Choosing to create custom skincare products with Sarati International, Inc. ensures a one-of-a-kind product designed to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team of chemists and skincare experts collaborates directly with you to develop formulations that resonate with your brand identity. Whether you’re looking for natural formulations or synthetic skincare solutions, our comprehensive process guarantees high-quality results.

Our Custom Formulation Process

Our process for custom formulation and product development is designed to be seamless and reassuring.

  1. Sign & Return The NDA & R&D Agreements: Start by protecting your intellectual property and detailing each product’s specific needs.
  2. Submit Your Formula Or Ingredient Deck: Our chemists will review your submission to ensure a suitable match.
  3. Lab Consultation Fee: Pay a non-refundable $150 fee per product, allowing our chemists to source raw materials for an accurate quote. Confirm if you will use our packaging or supply your own.
  4. Quote Approval: Once you approve the quote, the next step involves ordering raw materials to create samples.
  5. Sample Development: With all raw materials in-house, our lab begins crafting samples. Lab time is billed at $150 per hour as stipulated in the R&D agreement.
  6. Minimum Order Requirements: A minimum order of 1,000 oz. per product batch is required. Higher minimums may apply for non-stock or certified organic materials.
  7. Production & Delivery: After approving the formula, expect a 4-6 week turnaround time, provided there are no delays in raw material procurement or component availability.

Custom Product Formulation

Essential Components Of Custom Formulation

When you collaborate with us, you gain access to a full spectrum of high-quality raw materials. Our ingredient deck includes both natural and synthetic options tailored to your needs.

  • Natural Ingredients For Eco-Friendly Skincare
  • Synthetic Formulations For Targeted Treatments
  • High-Grade Actives & Botanical Extracts
  • Essential Oils & Natural Emulsifiers

Comprehensive Research & Development

At Sarati, our research and development (R&D) capabilities are second to none. With an FDA-registered laboratory, our specialized team focuses on:

  • Innovative Skincare Formulations
  • Cutting-Edge Ingredient Research
  • Stable & Effective Product Stability Testing

Our R&D process ensures that every product we create not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

A Blend Of Natural & Synthetic Skincare Formulations

Understanding the diverse needs of the skincare market, we offer both natural and synthetic skincare formulations. This versatility allows us to tailor products to your brand’s unique vision and consumer demands.

  • Eco-Friendly Natural Formulations
  • Highly Effective Synthetic Compounds
  • Hybrid Formulations Combining Natural & Synthetic Actives

Low Minimum Orders, Maximum Flexibility

Understanding that startup brands and established enterprises have different needs, we offer low minimum order quantities.

  • Supports small businesses and startups.
  • Allows for product testing before large-scale production.
  • Enables rapid market entry with minimal investment.

Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together!

Ready to bring your skincare ideas to life? Partner with Sarati International, Inc. to create custom skincare formulations that showcase your brand’s uniqueness. We’re eager to help you develop high-quality skincare products that your customers will love.

Contact us today to get started on your journey to creating stunning skincare innovations!