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  • This Agreement made between Sarati International, Inc., a private label contract manufacturing company located at 27502 Ted Hunt Road, Los Fresnos, TX, 78566, herein referred to as Company, and herein referred as Customer located at address below. This Research & Development Contract is incorporated in our previous Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by all parties but this is NOT a manufacturing contract.
  • The custom product formulation process with Company will require the Customer to send us product samples and/or an ingredient list for us to review and duplicate. If Company does not stock special raw materials then Company will inquire if we are able to obtain free samples from Vendors. If raw material samples are not available, Company will need to order the appropriate raw materials not stocked in house. If Company needs to pay for un-stocked raw materials, then Company will require payment by Customer to cover these specific materials. Customer will be notified of the cost of those raw materials and once Customer approves these costs, we will continue the process.

    The lab will make different versions of what Company and Customer have discussed in the initial lab consultation via phone or email. Once the lab is ready to release the samples (minimum 3-1oz containers), they will notify the account representative, and they will notify Customer of the progress. As a rule of thumb, a new customer formulation can take 15 – 30 business days to receive your first round of samples but may vary due to raw material availability.

    There is an initial lab fee deposit of $150.00 (non-refundable) to cover research of raw materials, formulation decisions and telephone conversations/emails from R & D on texture, color, viscosity issues, claims, etc. Once the lab is ready to work on Customer project, you will be billed $150.00 per hour for the Customized Sample Process. These fees cover all lab revisions and adjustments to your samples until you sign off on the formulations being worked on and the first domestic shipment. Freight will be billed separately for all additional samples adjustments requested for domestic and international shipments. Generally the lab time involved is somewhere between one to five hours. Projects should be limited to a time period of 6 months. If exceeding time period, project may need to be re-evaluated.

    It is recommended that all products have 3rd party testing for stability and antimicrobial effectiveness. If customer chooses not to get the recommended 3rd party testing, CUSTOMER WAIVES SARATI OF ALL RESPONSIBILTY OF CLAIMS.

    Please note lab fees (with exception of deposit) can be applied to purchasing the final product formulation. Each formulation can cost between $2500 and $5500.00.

    If project is scrapped by the Company or the Customer because of inability to get the formulation to come together based on customer needs and stability, then Company will refund lab fees with exception of the initial lab fee deposit of $150.00.

    Estimated/Tentative cost of Customer formulation will be determined within 30 days from start of project. Final quotes determined when project is finalized.