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Sarati Laboratories

Named after the Sanskrit word for “it flows”, Sarati International is a manufacturing facility located in beautiful South Texas. Sarati is a FDA inspected facility.

Company History
In the early 90s, Barbara Creighton began to search the marketplace for safe products with as many natural ingredients as possible. She was looking for a topical cream that would allow the ingredients to flow naturally into the body, nourishing and replacing nature’s own nutrients.

The search revealed the potential for a natural rebalancing product, which she decided to manufacture herself. Barbara decided not only to provide other women with safe creams as close to their natural form as possible, but to give women and men an opportunity to distribute the products and to share in the profits.

Sarati International was founded in 1992 by Barbara Creighton, Doug Cox, and Tom Flynn. Barbara and Doug worked the business together for a few years, after which Mr. Cox left to pursue other ventures. Barbara became the CEO for Sarati International. Since then, Sarati’s business has gone in the direction of custom formulations and private label.

About Sarati

Sarati International offers custom formulations with the latest technology in liposome encapsulation for certain types of formulations.

Over the years Sarati has built a reputation for being the most reliable and innovative manufacturer in the business. Sarati is a leader in the ever-growing private label skin care industry because we treat our customers, both large and small, with respect and offer them fast service.

We create an excellent wholesale/retail business opportunity for Healthcare professionals, health-food stores, drug stores, and entrepreneurs who want to create their own brand names. We work closely with many outside formulators for the latest changes, and the spotlight is always on finding the right new products, formulations, and implementing the one primary philosophy of creating “Products that work”.

Sarati’s Present and Future

Barbara Creighton, CEO, is hands on in building the ever changing nature of how she runs the business. Her management style is aggressive in keeping up with the new demand for natural and organic products.

Barbara Creighton


Barbara is now creating a Next to Nature website where Sarati will be showcasing the latest organic and non organic personal care formulas. A Qualified Business will be able to browse through the catalog and order samples. Once the Business has approved the sample, they can add their name and information to the in stock program with NO MINIMUMS. Additionally, with the sample program, a business can make small changes on the in house private label personal care products.

This change will create a whole new opportunity for small businesses to have their own reorder information on the labels within this in stock program. Also, Sarati is offering a YOUR BRAND logo on their in stock formulations with very small minimums. All the customer would need to do is submit their logo and information to create their brand.

We love what we do, and will continue to work together with our customers to create their perfect custom formulations.