Time to Change it up: Your new Fall Skin Care regime

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Time to change it up: Your new fall skin care regime

With Fall upon us it is time to start thinking of changing skin care routines.   More and more people are starting to experience dry skin and it’s time to offer some products to help with dry skin.

Our professional staff has selected the products below to help with dry skin.

Change #1 Change your moisturizer

Dry skin? Maybe it’s time to switch from your summer moisturizer to a fall/winter regime. For oily skin we recommend the Oil-free moisturizer. Normal to combo either the Hexapeptide cream or Day moisturizer

For Mature skin we recommend the amazing  Super skin rejuvenation cream with a powerful combination of peptides and Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Alpha Lipoid Acid, Vitamin C, Grapeseed, and Green Tea

Change #2 Consider adding a scrub

The fall is a great time of year to include a scrub for both your body and face. It’s time to slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate sun exposed skin with scrubs.

For the face we love the Glycolic scrub face wash and for the body the Cranberry Exfoliating  face & body glow has been called “Exquisite” by some of our best clients.

All products are available for private label under our no minimum program.  Want more info on the no minimum private label program click here.


  1. Oil-free moisturizer
  2. Hexapeptide cream
  3. Super skin rejuvenation

Scrubs for body and face

  1. Glycolic scrub face wash
  2. Cranberry Exfoliate face & body Glow- body scrub

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